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High - Performance
Loudspeaker System


The Audiosound Laboratories DM-1s are miniature 2-way,
indoor/outdoor speakers capable of producing amazing sound
from a tiny box of just 1.7 litres.

They are very suitable for domestic Hi-Fi as extension speakers,
and surround sound in Home Theatre systems for the rear channel.

They can also be used up front with their optional matching
sub-woofer enclosures to form an unobtrusive home theatre installation.

With their smooth tonal balance, they are an excellent
near-field monitor in professional installations where space
is a premium, such as in video editing suites etc.

The DM-1s are used by ABC Television and other commercial studios.

Their sealed all-metal enclosure makes them versatile enough to be used
outdoors under eaves etc. and their size allows them to be "buried"
amongst books or hung under shelves by using the brackets supplied.

Further, they are available in various colours to order
(at extra cost) so that they can blend with any decor.

The relatively "big" sound they produce is due to our thorough
research in cross-over design and optimum "Q" matching to the
enclosure which gives a bass response that is -3dB. @ 90Hz.

With the brackets supplied, they are easy to install unobtrusively
around walls or under shelves to provide high-quality music in offices,
foyers and sales areas, particularly in broadcast stations and music
display areas where an atmosphere of quality is paramount.

Their 8 ohm impedance makes them easy to drive and many sets can
be wired in a series parallel arrangement and fed from a good quality
domestic amplifier.


Amplifier Power Range:  5 - 50 watts RMS.
Frequency Range:  90 Hz. - 18 kHz. (L.F. -3dB. @ 90 Hz.)
Sensitivity:   82 dB. 1 watt / 1 metre
Impedance:   8 ohms (nominal)
Dimensions:   18.5 x 11.7 x 12 (cm. H.W.D.)
Weight:    2.3 Kg. each
Shipping Weight:    5 Kg. pr.