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No matter how careful I am choosing who I play with, or building my new studio,  I'm very aware that at the end of the day, everything we've done will be heard through whatever studio monitors I've chosen. That's why only my Audiosound Labs Prague 8047's will do - I wouldn't trust anything else.

James Morrison

Audio Hi-Fi equipment that's finer and Australian! Since 1968.

Whether you are looking for a complete Hi-Fi system,
Home Theatre setup with the latest DVD and large screen TV,
or a single Hi-Fi component or Midi System, give us a call.

We are Australia's oldest designer and manufacturer of high
quality loudspeakers and related audio equipment.

Eight of our loudspeakers systems have won the prestigious
Australian Design Award and our products are used by the
Australian Broadcasting Commission (
ABC) and numerous
other broadcasting stations around Australia.

With this technical know-how, our retail showroom is for you,
the consumer, looking for something better but not necessarily
more expensive than what is out there in the minefield of
audio and video integration.

We also stock or can supply, the latest audio and visual products from
AKG, Cambridge Audio, Canon, Denon, Sony,

and other specialised audio and computer related products  etc.
which complement our own prestigious loudspeakers.

If your budget is tight but you do not want to sacrifice sound
quality we can integrate both new and old components.

We even service  redesign and restore valve equipment.


However, from the above, you may think that we are

only interested in the very high-end of the market.  Not so.

The bulk of our business is to the person who simply wants better

audio without going to imported megabuck products.

Further, with our expertise,  and  having a lab and

production facility on our premises, we are able to

re-design your older loudspeakers at considerable savings

compared to buying new replacements.

So for a friendly and informative demonstration without the
hi-fi hype call ASL's owner Ron Cooper on (02) 9938 2068 (bh).
He will be only too happy to discuss your audio requirements.

The ASL Factory and Retail Store is located at:

Phone (02) 9938 2068, + 61 2 9938 2068